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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Don't see Narnia

* I, like everyone else, was at first excited to see this movie, but a friend whom I trust saw it and told me it was boring and it had 2 annoying talking beavers in it. First of all, animals and babies that talk via the magic of CGI is already annoying to me. That idea should just never happen in movies again ever. But the worst thing is motherfucking Santa Claus makes a surprise cameo in the movie , and gives the 4 kids weapons for the big war. What the hell is that about? I don't wanna see no Santa Claus cameo?!? screw that, that's corny. Stay at home and rent High Tension. High Tension scared the shit out of me. It starts out with 2 French girls going to a country house in the middle of a cornfield for the weekend. Then when night falls, a serial killer comes and completely fucks shit up. Those 3 elements alone-- hot French girls, cornfields and serial killer should be sufficient enough info to make you rent this. Cornfields are already scary, man. Throw in a serial killer and jesus christ you got a genuine fucked up scary movie.

1 comment:

joly said...

I thought the beavers were best thing in there.