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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Inside Spaces comp : Jackie O Motherfucker/Knyfe Hyts/Bunnybrains/Thee Oh Sees/Xray Eyeballs+more

* Inside Spaces was a comp put together by Maya Hayuk for Mu Museum in Netherlands- it was the soundtrack for her installation. She also made the artwork for the sleeve. You can only order it from the Mu website

Tracklist Disc 1:

1. Brute Force "Applause-Cricket-Pledge"

2. Lucky Dragons "Pleasantries"

3. Andrew David Deutsch "Drink Water"

4. Makaroni "Romantic Traffic"

5. Drawlings "Take Off"

6. Apalm "Music Juice"

7. Tunde Adebimpe " 3'x5' "

8. Lucky Dragons "My Our Singing"

9. Thee Oh Sees "Contraption"

10. Xray Eyeballs "Light Waves"

11. Knyfe Hyts "Hellrakers"

12. Jacki O Motherfucker "Dark Falcon"

13. Inferior Amps " Every Morning Recaptured in a Dream"

14. Bow Ribbonss "In Colors"

15. Easyjammer "Blues for Yod"

16. Pale Hoarse "She Sang"

17. Tara Jane O'Neil "Tracer 3"

18. Lilah Freedland "What Is The Sun Made Of"

19. Tom Carter "Sleepy Golden Storm"

20. Christina Vantzou "Space and Vision"

21. Brute Force "Spinning Rock Lullaby"

22. Soft Encounter "Visitors in Their World"

Tracklist Disc 2:

1. Ensemble Economique "Fire!"

2. Sylvester Anfang II "Planetarium"

3. Everywhere is Nowhere " Container Five"

4. Marcia Bassett "Live in KSHU"


6. Man Forever "Pray"

7. Bunnybrains "Masterly Prominence of Dust"

8. Wolfy part II "FofF"

9. Everywhere is Nowhere "Container 8"

10. Everywhere is Nowhere "Conatiner Off"

11. Greg Ginn "Taking Off"

12. Narwhalz (of sound) "Crittermindprison"

13. Apalm "Pot"

14. Pale Hoarse "Jackson"

15. 3 Treasures "Jefferson and Lincoln Freedom Factory"

16. Tara Jane O'Neil "A Partridge Song"

17. Andrew David Deutsch "Everyday"

Xray Eyeballs donated "Light Waves " to this comp

Light Waves by pojay23

Monday, April 05, 2010

Lost tracks now found! Pre-Xray Eyeballs/Golden Triangle tracks

I found these tracks by accident on a random computer. These are songs from Mob Stereo who broke up sort of in 2005. Sacha from San Diego's Mystery Girls played bass. Tim from Dragon Rojo and Vatican, drummed. NJ from Teenagers sang. Siri played tambos and sang. "New Vision" was the B-side of the first single, "The Other Stepped In." Wolfy from Kayrock Screenprinting drew and printed the artwork. It was a dead Japanese creepy horror girl long before the wave of J-Horror flicks washed onto American shores. The only way you would have it is if you had the single- but I made it available here for download now. It's a song about Darby Crash and based on that book, "Lexicon Devil." It was a secret , but now you know. The other 4 songs we recorded right before NJ and Tim moved back to California. They were never released , and I thought they just got lost for good. If I'm lucky , maybe I can find the lost tracks that RopStyle recorded. If you like buzzsaw-sounding lullabye pop, you'll like these

New Vision by pojay23

Blindfold Yourself with Lust by pojay23

Fuschia by pojay23

Mango Margarita by pojay23

In Love with Muzak by pojay23