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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Xray Eyeballs' first show + a new song for your iPods, "Nightwalkers"

* Here's the newest Xray Eyeball joint called Nightwalkers + we are playing our first show- details below.

nightwalkers2 - xray eyeballs

You can download Nightwalkers HERE for FREE - always free

And on Feb 26th Thursday our friend Micki Pellerano has put together a party for Drunk Driver's record release. This will also be our first show. Here's the lineup + address:

- DRUNKDRIVER (7" release show.
1, 2, 3, 4 i don't like you and stuff)

- LIQUOR STORE (they mastubated into your pomade.
laughs were had at your expense)

- TWIN STUMPS (sound like flipper or drunks with guns or rusted shut if flipper or drunks with guns or rusted shut were ever on heroin)

- MASSIVE HEADACHE (liam from cause co-motion/greatest bartender on the planet's new project. he says it's harsh. harsh rules (ps.
sorrry if this is not the actual name of your band))

- SKIN DRINK (the man behind cult of youth now has an industrial project. this is his industrial project.
it will be good)

- X RAY EYEBALLS ( oj and carley from golden triangle)

- RED DAWN 2 (allison from awesome color and wolfy from roxy pain)

@the diego soto velez center
suiffolk between rivington and delanacey