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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Man dies in magic trick gone wrong

* This is just horrible

Thursday, December 29, 2005

If you're going to any shows for NYE- go to one of these


Roxy Pain, Tussle, Radio 4 + more @ Knitting Factory

They have a record out too so go ask them about it.

Babyshakes, Stalkers, Electric Shadows @ LIT

Black Lips @ Union Pool

Celebration @ Monkeytown

Pretty much just ignore any other shows that night.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Rent a midget for the holidays or anytime

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Click here to rent-a-midget

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fake Germs

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Hey check out Jena Cardwell's pictures of fake Germs! I still think the cast of That 70's show should've played them

Bigfoot sighting!

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New BIGFOOT footage. Bigfoot walks among us

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Mighty WLWL + cute Babyshakes

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Sunday night I caught 2 of my fave bands in NY, WLWL and Babyshakes. WLWL sound like vintage NY punk + Jake Noodles' dad is Lee Childers- or so they claim, and plus they look like comic book characters from the Archie's comics. Babyshakes make good pop and look good too. Frantic from Atlanta sounded cool like Zero Boys or something. I'm loving all the Atlanta bands coming through lately. Then I went to the 4th Annual Holly Jolly Sabbath at Monster Island to listen to Sabbath and do seances on pentagrams by the upside down xmas tree. I guess after I left it was crashed by some metal dudes from Queens who came from the Sunn0))) show. At first they tried to be all abrasive and tough because they were the only ones in traditional metal garb, and swung around on the xmas tree , but Boneless Mike intimidated them with his metal knowledge and they got scared and left. Don't mess with old punks! Mike used to be in Rabid Lassie and played shows with Clown Alley and Operation Ivy in the mid 80's so you can't outpunk him!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Transit strike does not affect cocaine delivery

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CLICK HERE for Cocaine Corner

Hey graffiti heads!

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Espo's book comes out today

Speaking of graf, everyone bites barry

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I like those cupcakes like McAdams likes Goesling!!

* Lazy Sunday. Mr. Pibb + red vines = CRAZY DELICIOUS!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Killer Juiceboxxx @ Kill Whitie please

* Someone please tell Jeremy Parker about Juicebox, because Juicebox will completely slay everyone at Kill Whitie. This kid makes his own beats, tours constantly, regularly makes whole loft parties with 300 people go apeshit, and sells out his suitcase full of cd's every time. Where the hell's he been?

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Check him out!! Live at Cinders!!

Santa Claus is scary

* Check out all these pix of kids that are scared of Santa

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Best i-Tunes DJ in New York!!!

* OK I listed these gals as the top DJ's to rock a party awhile back.... MF Chip, Christy Love, Betsy AKA Mittens, Maria AKA Soul Kitten, Akiko Semiautomatic, Jeralyn from Bat Rabies, Sheal Kill You, KimAnn, Holli Pops, Trisha Mac/Red Siren, Amber, Lauren, LIZZ$$Y, Peppermint Twist, Georgie, Lady Base, E-race, Eva Aridjis, Lupe Loop, Justine D, Siri Space, and Fingersnaps.

but the best iTunes DJ is my girl, DJ Edwige! Shit that girl can just make the bangingest playlists ever!! Yeah! Burn me a CD before you go to France, girl. Rock those lightning bolt earrings

Friday, December 16, 2005

Best unemployed bass player

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is Alessandra so hook a girl up. She comes from another sick band, the Shop Fronts that has sadly broken up this year.

Commuting sans MTA

* Fuck you G Train. I'm riding this to work. Edwige my hot Frenchie friend knows how to travel, and I'm gonna ride with her, for sure.

And this is for when I wanna take my time and read the NY Times or have time to write romantic poetry.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Chick DJ's

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Check out this list of hot chick dj's from Save Manny!

also my new fave time-wasting site gotta be The Bastardly plus my boy Franz does the Bastardly Evening News on that joint and he's a funny motherfucker


* Cyril Takayama is my new favorite magic dude. He's a Japanese magician who does street magic on the streets of Japan. David Blaine's shows were cool but what I like about this dude is he makes food appear. I need to take lessons because everyone that knows me knows I love food. Watch him cook up some ramen noodles in the middle of the street, or pull hamburgers out of thin air, or make green tea out of plain water. Shit, man, now that's some useful magic. Also just watching Japanese people react to amazing things is already pretty rad.

Don't see Narnia

* I, like everyone else, was at first excited to see this movie, but a friend whom I trust saw it and told me it was boring and it had 2 annoying talking beavers in it. First of all, animals and babies that talk via the magic of CGI is already annoying to me. That idea should just never happen in movies again ever. But the worst thing is motherfucking Santa Claus makes a surprise cameo in the movie , and gives the 4 kids weapons for the big war. What the hell is that about? I don't wanna see no Santa Claus cameo?!? screw that, that's corny. Stay at home and rent High Tension. High Tension scared the shit out of me. It starts out with 2 French girls going to a country house in the middle of a cornfield for the weekend. Then when night falls, a serial killer comes and completely fucks shit up. Those 3 elements alone-- hot French girls, cornfields and serial killer should be sufficient enough info to make you rent this. Cornfields are already scary, man. Throw in a serial killer and jesus christ you got a genuine fucked up scary movie.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New York's Best Female DJ's/ Best Bands

* I have to say MF Chip, Christy Love, Betsy AKA Mittens, Maria AKA Soul Kitten, Akiko Semiautomatic, Jeralyn from Bat Rabies, KimAnn, Holli Pops, Trisha Mac/Red Siren, Amber, Lauren, LI$$Y, Peppermint Twist, Georgie, Lady Base, E-race, Eva Aridjis, Lupe Loop, Justine D, Siri Space, and Fingersnap are the best girl DJ's in NYC right now. They mix, scratch, and obviously have been collecting records for many years. Of course the best radio DJ is Terre T.

The most enjoyable bands in NY right now are Electric Shadows, Stalkers, Roxy Pain, Japanther, Bellmer Dolls, Battletorn, Mob Stereo, Wellington Ladies Welfare League , DC Snipers, Shop Fronts, Rats, Psychomaniacs. I also kinda like ARE Weapons even though lots of folks talk smack about them- but they still making Tshirts and playing shows even though their hype has considerably died down which I like. No attitude, no bullshit, don't take themselves tooo seriously- just fun shows consistently put on by these bands. Each of these bands just know how to write good pop songs veiled in their own style. WLWL's Jake Noodles is one of the most colorful , entertaining front guys ever. Electric Shadows are just killer. Stalkers , man you don't know if a fight or a show is gonna break out when you see them- they crazy. Mob Stereo has that vintage goth-tinged punk down ... their influences from their early recordings anyway seem to be the first wave of goth bands such as, Christian Death, TSOL, 45 Grave, and Siouxsie fused with the pop of Blondie and Redd Kross. Roxy Pain is just a chaotic sonic fun live band who are faves at WFMU.

Black Lips pretty much slaughter all the bands in NY whenever they come to town. This weekend's show was no exception put on by Tom Dash" and and Todd P"If anyone has pix of one of Black Lips' first NYC shows in 2003 with the Weekenders (sadly broken up), Mob Stereo, and Semiautomatic please let me know.

Lots of blogger heads seem to like this band, Surefire, I'm not too sure why the big fuss. I mean Jesus Christ, watch these videos by Surefire and Black Lips- 2 bands, same age- and tell me which show you'd rather go to?!?

Surefire video

Black Lips video