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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Mighty WLWL + cute Babyshakes

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Sunday night I caught 2 of my fave bands in NY, WLWL and Babyshakes. WLWL sound like vintage NY punk + Jake Noodles' dad is Lee Childers- or so they claim, and plus they look like comic book characters from the Archie's comics. Babyshakes make good pop and look good too. Frantic from Atlanta sounded cool like Zero Boys or something. I'm loving all the Atlanta bands coming through lately. Then I went to the 4th Annual Holly Jolly Sabbath at Monster Island to listen to Sabbath and do seances on pentagrams by the upside down xmas tree. I guess after I left it was crashed by some metal dudes from Queens who came from the Sunn0))) show. At first they tried to be all abrasive and tough because they were the only ones in traditional metal garb, and swung around on the xmas tree , but Boneless Mike intimidated them with his metal knowledge and they got scared and left. Don't mess with old punks! Mike used to be in Rabid Lassie and played shows with Clown Alley and Operation Ivy in the mid 80's so you can't outpunk him!

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