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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New York's Best Female DJ's/ Best Bands

* I have to say MF Chip, Christy Love, Betsy AKA Mittens, Maria AKA Soul Kitten, Akiko Semiautomatic, Jeralyn from Bat Rabies, KimAnn, Holli Pops, Trisha Mac/Red Siren, Amber, Lauren, LI$$Y, Peppermint Twist, Georgie, Lady Base, E-race, Eva Aridjis, Lupe Loop, Justine D, Siri Space, and Fingersnap are the best girl DJ's in NYC right now. They mix, scratch, and obviously have been collecting records for many years. Of course the best radio DJ is Terre T.

The most enjoyable bands in NY right now are Electric Shadows, Stalkers, Roxy Pain, Japanther, Bellmer Dolls, Battletorn, Mob Stereo, Wellington Ladies Welfare League , DC Snipers, Shop Fronts, Rats, Psychomaniacs. I also kinda like ARE Weapons even though lots of folks talk smack about them- but they still making Tshirts and playing shows even though their hype has considerably died down which I like. No attitude, no bullshit, don't take themselves tooo seriously- just fun shows consistently put on by these bands. Each of these bands just know how to write good pop songs veiled in their own style. WLWL's Jake Noodles is one of the most colorful , entertaining front guys ever. Electric Shadows are just killer. Stalkers , man you don't know if a fight or a show is gonna break out when you see them- they crazy. Mob Stereo has that vintage goth-tinged punk down ... their influences from their early recordings anyway seem to be the first wave of goth bands such as, Christian Death, TSOL, 45 Grave, and Siouxsie fused with the pop of Blondie and Redd Kross. Roxy Pain is just a chaotic sonic fun live band who are faves at WFMU.

Black Lips pretty much slaughter all the bands in NY whenever they come to town. This weekend's show was no exception put on by Tom Dash" and and Todd P"If anyone has pix of one of Black Lips' first NYC shows in 2003 with the Weekenders (sadly broken up), Mob Stereo, and Semiautomatic please let me know.

Lots of blogger heads seem to like this band, Surefire, I'm not too sure why the big fuss. I mean Jesus Christ, watch these videos by Surefire and Black Lips- 2 bands, same age- and tell me which show you'd rather go to?!?

Surefire video

Black Lips video

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