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Friday, April 21, 2006

2 Zombie movie reviews

* "Zombie": This is an old zombie movie. My parents took me to the drive-in to see this one. Includes the classic "zombie vs. shark scene" and the "eye splinter" scene. The zombies look all rotten, too- great makeup FX- none of this blue body dye half ass zombie shit. These zombies are covered in filthy rotten flesh and earthworms. All zombie fans must see this.

"Wild Zero": If you like Guitar Wolf and you like zombies see this. Some highlights include: a tender romantic moment between 2 zombies and Guitar Wolf slices a UFO with his samurai guitar sword!! This flick also has an awesome soundtrack. Guitar Wolf played at my birthday party 3 years ago with Coachwhips and Lost Sounds and it fucking rocked- RIP Bass Wolf


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